Malton & Norton Musical Theatre is run by a Committee of 9 members, who are responsible for the selection of our shows, plus the general admin and financial running of the Society. 
Barrie Elener - Trustee 
Cliff Williams - Trustee 
Anne Pegg – Chairman 
Graeme Hargreaves – Treasurer 
Margaret Lukey – Secretary 
Committee Members: 
Jane Rimmer-Boyes 
Louise Weatherill 
Sarah Greenhough 
Graeme Hargreaves 
Lisa Robinson 
Cath Ainsworth 
Carrie Jackson 
Honorary Vice Presidents: 
John Coates 
Roger Hartley 
Dr Sue Hawes 
Honorary Life Members: 
Mona Chaloner 
Jackie Coates 
Beverley Goring 
Elaine Hastewell 
Vic Hastewell 
Roger Hartley 
Jennie Henry 
Pat Jones 
Angela Kirkham 
Margaret Lukey 
Anne Pegg 
John Raine 
Tom & Sandra Todd 
Paul Brett 
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